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Periodontics in Houston

As many as 70% of Americans suffer from gum disease. This serious condition, which can affect anyone at any age, is usually caused by plaque buildup on and around the gum line. Gum disease can cause bad breath and is the leading cause of tooth loss. If it isn’t treated, it can lead to heart and liver disease and other health issues.

The best way to combat gum disease is through good oral hygiene and regular professional cleaning. We provide a range of periodontal treatments to keep your gums healthy and to treat and prevent gum disease.

Scaling and root planing

Periodontal cleaning helps remove plaque and tartar that can lead to gum disease. Our hygienist examines your gums and teeth and then uses special tools to clean any areas where you may be at risk.

Rough spots on the roots of your teeth can also cause irritation and inflammation and put your gums at risk. Root planing prevents this irritation by smoothing the rough areas.

Tooth extraction

In the rare case that a tooth needs to be extracted,we’re sure to perform the procedure as painlessly as possible. Missing teeth need to be replaced immediately to prevent the surrounding teeth from shifting. If you need an extraction, we’ll discuss replacement options with you.

Ridge/socket preservation

When a tooth is extracted we use an artificial bone graft material to fill the socket that is left in your jaw bone. This material integrates with your natural bone and prevents the socket from collapsing. In some cases, we may also augment the surrounding bone tissue to preserve your alveolar ridge, which is the bony structure that holds your teeth in place. Ridge preservation is used to maintain the shape and structure of your jaws.

Sinus augmentation

The bone between your sinuses and your upper jaw can be too thin to safely support a dental implant. To facilitate placing an implant, we use bone graft material to build up this area. Once the graft has integrated with your natural bone tissue we can safely place the implant.

Bone grafts

We use artificial bone graft material to augment your natural bone tissues in areas where tissue has been lost to infection or injury. The graft material integrates with your natural bone and over time becomes part of your skeletal structure.

Gum grafting

Gum grafting is used to replace lost gum tissue or change the appearance of your gums. We surgically graft new gum tissue over the area to restore it to its natural appearance and function.

Pocket depth reduction

During regular examinations we will measure your gum pockets to make sure your gums are healthy. The pockets can become deep, which can lead to bacteria being trapped in the area and causing an infection. We can reduce the depth of the pockets to prevent this from happening. We may also prescribe special antibiotics to treat infection in the pockets.

Flap procedures

Periodontal procedures sometimes require us to access areas beneath your gums to treat the roots of your teeth or your jawbones. To do this, we pull back a section of your gums to expose the roots. After the treatment we reattach the flap with sutures.


Frenectomy is the surgical removal of connective tissue in your mouth. These tissues, such as the one beneath your tongue or between your upper gums and your upper lip, can be too tight and can cause discomfort.

Crown lengthening

To make teeth appear longer or to prepare a tooth for restoration by a crown or inlay we use crown lengthening procedures. We surgically remove small amounts of gum tissue from around the tooth, exposing more of the root.

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- Michelle M.
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- Celeste R.
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