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Orthodontics in Houston

We’re proud to offer Fastbraces technology to our patients. This revolutionary orthodontic treatment is a fast and safe alternative to metal braces. Fastbraces can give you straight teeth in half the time as regular braces.

How Fastbraces works

Traditional metal braces work by moving your teeth into place in stages, in a process that usually takes two years. In the first year the braces move the crown of the teeth, and in the second year the roots are aligned.

Fastbraces work on a different mechanical principle. The patented Fastbraces system uses a special bracket and square wire to align the root and crown of your teeth simultaneously, which significantly reduces treatment time compared to braces.

Is Fastbraces for me?

Fastbraces is a complete orthodontic system that works for many patients. In most cases treatment can be completed in three months to a year. Individual results will depend on the amount of correction you need.

To see if Fastbraces can work for you, contact our office to book a consultation.

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