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Dental Implants in Houston

Dental implants are the best replacement for missing teeth. They provide a permanent foundation for replacement crowns or dentures that is as strong as your natural roots. Implants also help preserve the bone tissue in your jaws and prevent bone loss that can result after a tooth has been extracted.

How Implants Work

Implants are artificial roots that are surgically inserted into your jaw. They have three main parts:

  • Anchor - a titanium anchor, shaped like a wood screw, that is inserted into the jawbone
  • Abutment - a metal post that is attached to the anchor and which forms the foundation for a restoration
  • Crown or Denture - a synthetic replacement tooth or denture that is attached to the abutment

Implant treatment usually takes from three to nine months from the initial surgery to place the anchor. During this time, the bone tissue around the anchor is healing and strengthening to hold the implant in place. Once the bone has fully healed, the crown or denture is placed on the implant.

Mini Implants

Mini implants are similar to regular implants but are slightly smaller. They are used for patients who don’t have the bone mass to support a regular implant, or who aren’t able to undergo the surgery required to place a traditional implant.

Benefits of Implants

By preserving the bone tissue in your jaws, implants prevent bone degradation that can result in your jaw and gums changing shape. They also allow you to eat and speak normally, as crowns and dentures secured with implants won’t slip or fall out.

Implants are also a healthy alternative to bridgework as they don’t require the placement of the crowns that are necessary to support a bridge.

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